Welcome to Patel Leuva Patidar Mitra Mandal. Member Login is available now. To get new member login contact: Bhargav Patel - 9824442333 - bhargav246@gmail.com Blood Donation camp on date: 13-09-2015 at Prathama Blood Center, B/H Jivaraj Mehta Hospital, Vasna.



We have organize Blood Donation Camp on 13-09-2015 at PRATHAMA BLOOD CENTER Address: Dr C V Raman Road, B/H Jivraj Mehta Hospital, Vasna, Vasna, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007



Every Year on Poonam, a big fare organize at Bahchraji Temple and Thousands of devotees visit temples by walking from their town. To make seva of these devotees PLPYC arrange camp near Vadavali Village near Bahchraji, Gujarat.



We have organized Blood donation camp to fight meanse of blood shortage, thelasimia and many more. Also we have created data base of blood group of our members, so in case of emergency we can be helpful to each others.

Welcome to Patel Leuva Patidar Mitra Mandal

Greetings to all our Members from Patidar Samaaj.  The Patan Leuva Patidar Mitra Mandal is part of Patan Leuva Patidar community. Our trust works for the benefit and progress of Patan Leuva Patidar Samaaj.  For the progress, our objective is to have unity, co-ordinal relationships and generosity within the community. The Patan Leuva Patidar community, Intrestingly do not have any GOTRA/GOR but the community belongs to Leuva Patel's residing in Patan with two surrounding villages, to name Rajpur and Anavada and has histroy, which goes back to several centuries.

For the progress of our community we organize various events and programs.We look forward to establish a "Samaaj" that is free from ignorance, superstitions.  We are developing website and hopefully we get a good feedback and our community can benefit from this website.

However in early Eighties people started migrating in search of better option of Life viz education, job etc & get settled there. During this process, in the mid of Eighties, few visionaries with same ideas from a group & provided platform to establish "PATAN LEUVA PATEL MITRA MANDAL" with the view to bring people...

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